Gravita Ghana Ltd. is a part of India's leading Lead Manufacturing & Processing unit called Gravita Group of Companies. Gravita Ghana takes advantage of its resources and related core competencies and believes in growth opportunities for increasing products and improving returns.

Gravita Ghana is a growing name in Lead Recycling & Process industries of Ghana. The company is promoted to Manufacture Remelted Lead & Polypropylene Chips. In order to make the best quality lead available and to conserve the already limited, constantly depleting natural resources of lead metal to protect the environment.

At Gravita Ghana we are doing Lead Recycling through various sources of Lead Scrap (Battery Scrap, Lead Battery Plate Scrap, Concentrates etc.)

Our recycling process is performed on Non-ferrous metal :

Lead Scrap Recycling
Lead Battery Scrap Recycling

We have committed to protecting our environment for all of our futures for this we use eco-friendly plants/machinery for Lead Scrap Recycling.

We are the quality manufacturer of :


Remelted Lead Ingots  ||  P P Chips  ||  Battery Scrap Recycling  ||  Lead Scrap Recycling
Battery Scrap  ||  Lead Scrap  ||  Lead Concentrate  ||  Lead Ore

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